Who’s Getting E-Flite’s UMX FPV Radian?

Who’s getting the UMX FPV Radian coming out in mid June?

Me? I’m definitely getting it! I will be able to do everything I did with the regular UMX Radain and still get probably 5-8 minute flight times (I get ten minutes on the regular one). And yes, look for a review on it here on umFlight towards the end of June or early July assuming that it is released in time and I buy it before it gets sold out.

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Forum Going Live!

Edit (December 2017): Way to much spam and not enough interest, so the form has been removed. 

The votes are in! I am currently setting up a forum, and I need a couple members before launching. If you are interested in getting prelaunch assess to the forum so you can check it out, put your email and desired username in the form below. I will make you an account as soon as possible. When it is ready, I will email instructions to you on how to access the account.

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RO8: What’s your favorite RC Aircraft?

Here’s how it will work: The second Sunday of every month, I will post a question. Then readers can write their opinion in the comments.

Today’s Reader’s Opinion:

What is your favorite RC aircraft(s)?

My favorites are the Champ, Nano QX 3D, and mSRx. The Champ is a Champ. The Nano QX 3D is the great. Nano QX with lots of power and great flight times, and the mSRx just was fun to fly.

There’s no poll today because of how many aircraft there are, so leave a comment with your answer.

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TIP: Good / Best Bateries for 1S Brushed Micro Planes

One of the most useful parts of an RC plane is, actually, the battery. Without it, a plane cannot be controlled. Today, I’ll share some of my favorite batteries.


Firstly, I do not like E-FLite 1S batteries. Sure, they work great for a little while, but then everything declines. Because of this, I eventually started getting Thunder Power 1S batteries. These actually work great, and they don’t deteriorate quickly. The 160 mAH 25C batteries seem to have more power than E-Flite 150 mAH 25C batteries, too. However, a few of my TP 160 mAH batteries puffed… Also, they are even more expensive than E-Flite batteries! I decided to then try a 4 pack of Lectron Pro 180 mAH 45C batteries, and WOW! These last a good 1-5 (depending on if it is in a plane or quadcopter) minutes extra flight time with a lot more power. They also provide much more power than stock E-Flite ones because they are 45C, but E-Flite now has 45C 150 mAH batteries, too. Not one of them has puffed, and they have only deteriorated when I put them into the battery-eating Nano QX FPV (side note: because it eats batteries, I haven’t gotten a new one. I DID get a new FPV camera, but I am moving it between different planes currently). Lectron pros are  now my go to battery.


Do you have a favorite brand of batteries? Leave a comment! Thanks for reading, and there is a Reader’s Opinion next Sunday. The Sunday after that will be a review or maybe even a build…