I know this is going to be one of my shortest posts. I also know this will be one of my most important posts.

I recently had a very close call with one of my Champs. Because my DX6 is broken and I didn’t feel like getting out my shiney new back-up DX6i, I simply got one of my many RTF package MLP4DSM’s which HH sells under Hobbyzone, Parkzone, and Blade brand names.

Firstly, I did not bother with a range check because I was going to stand in my driveway and fly the Champ up and down the street. Also, I completely forgot that the MLP4DSM is a low power transmitter like I mentioned in my review of the champ.

The DX6 which I usually fly with is a full power transmitter.

I usually fly my planes way down at the end of the street, with me still standing in my driveway controlling it, because there is an empty lot there.

Long story short, the plane was down over the lot, and the motor power cut out, and the Champ started spiraling down.

It crashed with a thud (I heard it). I was very lucky because it crashed into the bushes separating the empty lot from the house, but that doesn’t usually happen.

If I had done a range check, I would have seen the reduced range compared to my DX6 and not flown out as far. Additionally, if I would have remembered that the MLP4DSM is a low power transmitter, I would not have flown out as far.

The moral of the story here is to NEVER fly your first flight of the flying session without a range check. If you don’t, you may end up like me and find out that someone is wrong when it is too late.

As always, leave a comment if you have a personal story to share about how range checking can save your plane, or to discuss the post!

See you next Sunday!

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