Today I thought that I could give readers a preview of posts that I am going to post on umFlight in the near future.

Firstly, the Quads Invade umFlight post is a sticky, meaning that it’s always on the top of the page. To find my most recent posts, look at the recent posts area of my sidebar, or scroll down past the Quads Invade umFlight post.

Secondly, tomorrow I have a short post about E-Flite’s new Spacewalker. I also have a review of a NEW plane which will be arriving at my house on Monday. I might also be starting a series of posts as soon as I get around to it…

I haven’t been posting outside of the regular Sunday posts due to a slight lack of things to post about. But, things should be speeding up in a week or two as I get new planes to review and my brain gets unclogged from my recent frequent posting.

Oh, and I will be posting more pictures, thanks to a suggestion/comment left on my Quads Invade umFlight post.

Thanks for reading, and look for a new post tomorrow at 5:00 AM! I want to hear what things YOU would like me to post about, so leave a comment!

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