Part two is on time.

Below, you will find my story regarding the Phantom SC S and its twin, the Tree SC S… And why I would name these two Sport Cubs those two incredibly strange names. Let the stories begin!

My first Sport Cub S was the Bind N Fly version (the version that doesn’t come with a transmitter). For the first couple of days that I owned my first BNF Sport Cub S (hereafter referred to as the SC S 1), I flew it in the street in front of my house. All went well until floats arrived.


On my first day with floats, the SC S 1 flew into a tree because it didn’t have enough power, with the floats on, to go up and around the tree. When it got back, one float had come off of it. That prompted the first picture that I showed you in part 1. That picture was taken right after I got it back.

After that, I hot glued that float back on. I finally got the courage to try it again a few days later.

As I said in the Demise of the Sport Cub S post, the first SC S I bought had a small incident with water when I tried it again after I fixed the floats. Rather than tell you about it again, I am going to quote that post below. Here is what happened:

10 minutes ago, I was flying it with floats over the water behind my house. I had just mechanically trimmed in a little down elevator on the SC S, and it was going a little down. So, I landed it on the water.

I clicked in a little up trim on my DX6i and I tried to takeoff again. The left wing tipped a little into the water. The left aileron servo might have gotten wet. Because it was on the other end of the water, I had no choice but to attempt another takeoff.

It started to accelerate, but, no matter what I did, it would not leave the water’s surface. It then started to go around in circles. I slowed it down, stopped, and tried again.

Same result.

The SC S eventually got turned upside down. As I write this, it is still in the water, face down. I just looked out of the window, and I can’t see it.

You can read the full post here.

Well, I didn’t find it. As I said later in the Demise of the Sport Cub S post, I ordered a new one. This new one will, hereafter, be referred to as the SC S 2.
The new one had some issues…

Tree SC S:

On my FIRST FLIGHT with SC S 2, it went into a tree at the neighborhood park (small field surrounded by trees that has a park bench). THE VERY FIRST FLIGHT!!! It crashed into the tree about a week ago, but LAZY me is too lazy to see if it fell out of the tree… That’s why I call SC S 2 the Tree SC S.

The Phantom SC S

Three or four days ago, I found the SC S 1 in my driveway. It must have floated to the edge of the water behind my house, and someone found it and returned it to my house! Thank you to whoever brought it back! That’s why I call SC S 1 the Phantom SC S.

I said that I would call it the Phantom Cub if it got back and was working, but most of the metal parts are rusted and the propellor barely spins. I doubt that it would fly.

In Conclusion:

Well, that’s my personal Sport Cub S story. Hopefully, I will go up to the park and see if the Tree SC S is back on the ground… Hopefully, it is.

Thanks for reading part 2 of my Sport Cub S review, and I hope that you enjoyed both parts. Share, subscribe, and comment!

Part 1: link

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