I’m challenging myself to fly my Hobbyzone Champ every night for three consecutive nights. Tonight, I did my first Midnight Flight (a flight at roughly sundown- not REALLY at midnight!). My camera person wasn’t there, so I could only get a picture of my Champ on the ground.

Tonight, I did my Midnight Flight at roughly 6:00 PM EST, so the sun had set about 10 minutes before flying. I’ll try to do my next two Midnight Flights a few minutes earlier so I can fly my whole 6 minutes.

I used Lectron Pro 180 mAH batteries. (Side note: they are excellent batteries for the price. I can get ’em with Amazon Prime. Eight batteries delivered in two days (with Prime) and very good customer service for only 40 bucks is nearly a steal!)

I had to come in with 2:40 minutes left on my DX6i timer because it got too dark.


There are my two pics. One has flash; the other doesn’t (I also love photography…).

The flight was uneventful. I haven’t flown for at least 2-3 weeks, so it was GREAT to be back in the air again. Also, actually flying gave me ideas and inspiration for more posts (such as this one)!

I’ve been concentrating on umFlight for three past weeks (and barely any free time) that I never actually flew. There’s absolutely NO substitute for flying a great UM plane like he Champ.

Landings were very rusty, but I think that’s mostly due to the darkness. I thought I was a few inches above the ground when I was really landing right then!

I need to practice more in the light.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get my camera person/bad photographer/decent videographer out to take video and pics of the plane flying for tomorrow’s update.

Thanks for reading Midnight Flights #1 and I’ll see you tomorrow. Hopefully! Thanks for reading!

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