There was no RO on December 14th because of the holidays… Today I have a special Christmas edition of Reader’s Opinion. Here’s the question:

What RC planes, if any, are you hoping to receive as gifts this holiday season?

I’ll go first. I’m hoping to get the FPV Nano QX, which I WILL review on umFlight. Also, all of my planes are grounded right now (translation: beyond repair and/or lost and/or soaked with water…), so I’m hoping to build up my fleet again with a Champ, a UMX Radian, and a Sport Cub S. I’m dreaming!

I can’t really include a poll since there are so many UM aircraft out there, so go ahead and leave a comment with your wish list- no matter how much you are dreaming (like me…)!

I’ll see you next year (January 4th); I won’t be blogging over the holidays.

Thanks for reading, and happy new year, and happy holidays!

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Henrik · January 3, 2015 at 12:51 pm

I just got the champ, and it is amazing. Bourght the Ares 370 in october, crashed twice without getting more than 4 meters up, first time the trim was bad( looked okay before hand) broke the prop. Second time just slight breeze ,crashed and broke the new prop. Had seen all the youtube videos and reviews before hand, and therefore it was the Ares 370. Now 5 fligts in with the champ, I feel that I can try the Ares in about 5-10 more training pass with the champ. Also ordered the UM 28t trojan so there is a goal to look at.

johns2345 · January 3, 2015 at 9:18 pm

The Champ is my favorite plane! Glad you like it. The UM T-28 is a good choice (I’ve had two- Horizon Hobby sent the second one for free because of a problem with the first), but I, personally, would rate the Sport Cub slightly higher than the T-28 for people who are progressing from the Champ. It has SAFE (If you aren’t familiar with it, see my post about it or visit which has self leveling and bank angle limits in the first flight mode and just self leveling in the second, allowing a smoother transition between the Champ and the third Sport Cub S mode, which has no electronic self leveling or bank angle limits. Plus, it has AS3X, which keeps it flying straight, even in wind.

However, the T-28 is still a good plane. I just like how the SC S flies a lot better.

Are you still using the cheap RTF radio for the Champ? If so, I would recommend getting a DX6i from Spektrum or any other Spektrum transmitter except the DX4, DX4e, or DX5e. The DX4(e) and 5e aren’t much better than the RTF transmitters. You can bind a Spektrum transmitter to any Horizon Hobby plane (except the Hobbyzone Duet, Hobbyzone FAZE, Blade Pico QX, and Blade Scout CX, so you can just get the $10 less BNF model (doesn’t come with a transmitter) of each plane and bind them to a Spektrum radio.

Thanks for commenting, and good luck with the T-28!


    Henrik · January 4, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    I have the spektrum Dx6i just flew first time today with it, very nice, and smoother. Had I known about the “new champ” 4 channel I don’t think I would have gone for the original champ, but now i have it, and would like a warbird type to fly from the beach. But light so it is not dangerous to bypassers if/when I crash…amazingly it is most often windstill at evenings, about an hour around sunset/rise.
    Keep up with the page, and if possible photos of mods and tests on video.

      johns2345 · January 4, 2015 at 3:55 pm

      I definitely will keep up with umFlight!

      Regarding mods, I’ve been thinking about an AS3X mod for one of my Champs since September, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll put the new Spektrum FPV camera on a Champ soon.

      I am getting better at pictures (I’m putting them on all review now and new plane posts); I just need to put them on lists and other posts… I will make sure to put videos of mods up to go with future mod posts.


Henrik · January 6, 2015 at 4:38 am

Cool, Do you know if AS3X is programmed for the aeroplane it comes with, or if it can be universally buildt in to almost any model of desire.

    johns2345 · January 6, 2015 at 6:18 pm

    AS3X is built into some Spektrum receivers ( For UM planes, it’s built into some of the all in one boards. Look at the Sport Cub S, Etc(all planes marketed as having AS3X) and view the Parts and Accesories tab. Find the board. Look around at the planes whose boards you are looking at getting, and then decide which board you want.

    For example, the Sport Cub S board has SAFE, also. The UMX Radian board has motor braking, which makes the propellor STOP when the motor is off. The prop won’t freely turn in the air. This is ideal for gliders like the UMX Radian, but not for models like the Champ.

    Alternatively, Spektrum has some AS3X boards for UM planes on their website. The first on the Spekteum is for brushless motors (which the Champ and T-28 DON’T have), and the second is for their new plane with four motors, the E-Flite UMX B-17…

    So, to answer your question, it can. AS3X is built into the board or stand alone receiver receiver. If you want to change the Champ, just get a UM AS3X board, pull out the old one, and tape/glue the new in place. However, I would keep the Champ as is for now since it’s your only current UM plane and your new to the hobby. If the mod went wrong, you would be grounded and have to go to. Field to fly the other plane you have.

    AS3X is just programmed to not let wind/ other outside forces move the plane from its original position when plugging in the battery.


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