One of the most useful parts of an RC plane is, actually, the battery. Without it, a plane cannot be controlled. Today, I’ll share some of my favorite batteries.


Firstly, I do not like E-FLite 1S batteries. Sure, they work great for a little while, but then everything declines. Because of this, I eventually started getting Thunder Power 1S batteries. These actually work great, and they don’t deteriorate quickly. The 160 mAH 25C batteries seem to have more power than E-Flite 150 mAH 25C batteries, too. However, a few of my TP 160 mAH batteries puffed… Also, they are even more expensive than E-Flite batteries! I decided to then try a 4 pack of Lectron Pro 180 mAH 45C batteries, and WOW! These last a good 1-5 (depending on if it is in a plane or quadcopter) minutes extra flight time with a lot more power. They also provide much more power than stock E-Flite ones because they are 45C, but E-Flite now has 45C 150 mAH batteries, too. Not one of them has puffed, and they have only deteriorated when I put them into the battery-eating Nano QX FPV (side note: because it eats batteries, I haven’t gotten a new one. I DID get a new FPV camera, but I am moving it between different planes currently). Lectron pros are  now my go to battery.


Do you have a favorite brand of batteries? Leave a comment! Thanks for reading, and there is a Reader’s Opinion next Sunday. The Sunday after that will be a review or maybe even a build…

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