No More Posts For Now

Edit (December 16 2017): News will arrive January 10th!

Big Edit (June 18 2017): BIG NEWS coming this fall. Stay tuned!

Just a quick announcement:

I have stopped posting on umFlight for now as I am doing some new projects for now and I don’t have any post ideas. If/when I restart umFlight, I will update this post. Also, when my new project goes live, I will probably update this post.

Edit (October 18th): I have recently noticed that all of my links are broken, so I have finally fixed that. However, the workaround has broken all links in the header and links from other sites.

Edit (oct 20): A random thought: if I do restart umFlight, it will feature ALL UM aircraft.

Edit (nov. 28): I still exist! All links have been fixed in the header, but links from some of my posts to other posts and posts from other sites (including links in my Twitter feed) are still broken, and there isn’t a way of fixing that.

Edit (March 7 2016): I’m almost ready to either relaunch umFlight or officially launch my new project.


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