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My name is John, and I enjoy flying and building ultra micro RC flying machines of all kinds. Because of this, I started umFlight to share news, reviews, builds, how to’s, and more about the hobby. I also write about FPV (First Person View), which is truly a great way to experience flight.

I started this blog to share news, reviews, builds, how to’s, entertainment, and some personal RC stories.

Posting Schedule on umFlight:

While I make sure that a new post is published on Sundays, I sometimes post on random weekdays. So, check back often or follow umFlight!

You can see me on:

RCGroups: John234

HeliFreak: John234

FliteTest: John 234

Twitter: @umFlight_Blog (accidentally deleted because I’m an idiot)

YouTube: umFlight

How big are the UM aircraft on umFlight?

Basically anything that can be flown in a small-ish neighborhood park or something. For planes, this is roughly under 2 feet in length/wingspan. For multirotors, this is probably around 250mm.

Comenting Rules

1. Keep the discussion fairly relevant to the post you are commenting on.

2. No personal attacks or rude comments. Duh.

3. No spam/ads.

4. Let’s keep this PG-13 since ultra-micro aviation is often a family hobby.

Please keep in mind that comments are moderated and comments found to break any guidelines will be removed.

Please note that most links that link to Amazon.com are affiliate links. This means that I earn a commission on that product if you buy it within 24 hours of clicking the link. This money goes toward maintaining umFlight and getting more planes and quadcopters to review and possibly experiment on. Nobody clicks on them though.


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