I’m back! This time I am reviewing the Hobbyzone Champ, even though it came out years ago, for the newer members of the hobby browsing this blog.

I figured that, because I have had 3 Champs, I would be qualified to write a review on them!

Back Story:

After nearly 2 years of flying RC helicopters, I still couldn’t hover an advanced model. So, not knowing if I would prefer planes, I bought the Hobbyzone Duet this past April. Well, after that I was almost done with helicopters- I just really preferred the planes. Then, after an unfortunate mishap on the Duet involving CA glue eating the foam, I took the plunge and bought a Hobbyzone Champ…

First Impressions:

I opened the Champ’s box after it was dropped off by UPS and I saw that it was neatly packaged, like all of Horizon Hobby’s micros. I untaped the Styrofoam holders and pulled the plane out of the box. The cowling was even wrapped in plastic to protect it!

Also included was a basic LOW POWER (do not attempt to use this tx on any RC aircraft larger than an ultra micro) 4 channel tx from Hobbyzone. The battery and charger were nestled in there respective slots in the Styrofoam; there were even extra slots in the foam for additional batteries. 8 AA batteries were included (4 for tx, 4 for charger)!

Assembly and First Flight Preparation:

There is NO assembly required with the Champ, unless you count installing 4 AA batteries to the included transmitter and 4 additional AA’s to the included charger.

After the 4 AA batteries were installed into the included charger, I plugged the included 150 mah battery into it and it took about 15 minutes on the first charge, 30 minutes on subsequent charges.

Tip: get the optional AC adapter if you use the included charger- this allows you to plug it into the wall instead of using AA batteries (you can go through AA batteries very quickly without the AC adapter)

Because I have a DX6, I bound it to the champ, but, if you need/want to use the included tx, it comes bound to the Champ out of the box.


Takeoff was a breeze. Just quickly, yet smoothly, apply motor power until it is at 100% power, add a touch of up elevator, and it’ll takeoff easily!


Once up to about 1 mistake high (roughly 100 feet), I throttled back to half throttle and it flew very well; nice and easy turns, gentle characteristics, but it is still a blast now, even though I mastered it 3 months ago! VERY versatile!


Landings were fairly easy. On the base leg of my landing circuit, you can just cut the throttle, but you can have a much better landing by keeping the throttle on a little bit until flare, when I close the throttle completely.

Recommended timer settings if using a Spektrum computerized transmitter:

Dx6i transmitter:
Timer: 10 minutes

Any Other Spektrum Computerized Transmitter:
Timer: 10 minutes; start/stop at 10% throttle

The Specs:

Skill Level: Beginner

Wingspan: 20.3 inches

Length: 14.3 inches

Flying Weight: 1.3 oz

Full Specs Here

Equipment I Used:

1. Thunder Power TP103CQ-ACDC Charger (link)

2. Spektrum DX6 DSMX Transmitter Only (link)


This is a great all around plane, but mainly for a beginner to RC planes, for a very cheap price!



Thanks for reading! Look for another post next Sunday!

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