New Build And Reviews Soon

The posting problems have been fixed, so here is last Sunday’s post:

Say hello to the first successful  plane I’ve built.


I don’t have much to say today, but two more planes will come in in a few days, so stay tuned for reviews of those. I was also given a DX7 about three weeks ago, which I happily replaced my DX6 with. The DX6 will be a perfect tx to keep as a back up and maybe as a travel tx.

Also, I’ve made my first successful RC plane. It’s funny that it’s successful; all of my other attempts were very carefully drawn and measured. For this one, I just cut it to a size that looked nice. I’ll spend some more time fine-tuning it, measure it, make a final model, and then I’ll post the build guide and maybe a review of it.

In other news, I have given up on the quad copter build because the flight times were just too short. The forum isn’t launching yet as I haven’t gotten anyone for the launch yet.

Thanks for reading today’s post. New post next Sunday!

Forum Going Live!

Edit (December 2017): Way to much spam and not enough interest, so the form has been removed. 

The votes are in! I am currently setting up a forum, and I need a couple members before launching. If you are interested in getting prelaunch assess to the forum so you can check it out, put your email and desired username in the form below. I will make you an account as soon as possible. When it is ready, I will email instructions to you on how to access the account.

Thanks for reading, and look for a new post this Sunday!

An umFlight Forum and more (poll)

I’m thinking about adding a forum to umFlight, so I just want to see how many of you are interested in one being added. I don’t want to launch a forum only to find that there is no interest! If I make a forum, I will probably let you vote for a month-ish, plus a month to get the forum setup, so the forum would be added in June or even mid-late May.

Also, I’m thinking of launching a store on umFlight. The timeframe, if I decide to add one would be, maybe, June-August. Maybe even later into fall/winter 2015. Obviously, store planning (I’m wondering if I’ve even reached the planning stage yet) is in very early stages. If you would be interested in there being a forum on umFlight in the future, leave a comment below this post.

Thank you for voting and commenting. Look for a new post next Sunday. Or sooner… And yes, the Nano QX 3D review is coming. Eventually.



Ads and umFlight

In mid-January, I moved my blog from, a free service, to a host that costs me $60 a year. And the domain name ( costs $10 a year.

Sadly, I am adding ads to umFlight to pay for hosting, the domain name and other costs related to running umFlight. This will put more money into my RC budget, allowing me to review more planes and possibly do some experiments (the planes may or not survive!). If I make extra, this will also allow me to get even more review and experimental aircraft along with parts for builds to share on umFlight. Of course, sharing my builds depends on if I ever get a successful build!

However, I hate websites that have lots of ads like many others do. So that’s why I’m only putting one banner ad on the top of the home page, right below the title. It should be approved by Google soon. umFlight will NOT become a place for thousands of ads! Because, like many of you, I hate too many ads that make the user experience bad, I am not planning on adding more than a couple of ads per page or the least amount necessary to make enough money to keep umFlight thriving.

Thanks for understanding and for reading umFlight!

umFlight 2015 UPDATE

Today there are no planes or quadcopters or radios or FPV included in this post. Ominous. I know. Kind of like that FliteTest video where Josh and Chad said that a company was buying them. (If you don’t watch FT, do. The show and the forum are great,)

Now, getting down to business, I said that there would be some down time in a tweet last Tuesday (1/13/2015). However, the site now looks pretty much the same right now as it did, say, a week ago.

Well, what changed?

Short answer: Everything.

Long answer:

Ever since starting umFlight, I’ve always dreamed to have a forum included. But I started umFlight on, which doesn’t allow forums. I started umFlight on there because it was free, and I decided that I would eventually self-host umFlight and install WordPress ( is completely managed) myself.

Remember, at that time, I was thinking that he novelty of umFlight would wear off in October or November, and I would stop blogging.

That day came last Tuesday. I managed to keep my theme and migrate Email subscribers, but, sadly, comment subscribers weren’t able to be moved.

New Features!

As I said in my New Year’s post, I’ve been thinking about rolling out an update to umFlight called umFlight 2.0. I’ve decided to lay the groundwork for the second major version of umFlight.

umFlight looks the same right now, but the move has allowed me to add a shop (more details if I add one!), a forum, a guest post form, and many other features. I haven’t added anything yet, but I’m in the planning stages of implementing these new features.


Basically, moving umFlight laid the groundwork of many new features for umFlight.

This move wouldn’t have been possible without you, my readers and subscribers, so thank you very much for reading umFlight. As always, feedback is appreciated to make umFlight better.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next Sunday!

Happy New Year: Updates to umFlight

Firstly, happy 2015! I chose to schedule this post for exactly 12:00 AM on January first so I could have it posted at exactly the moment that 2015 came to be! Pretty cool that this is one of the only blog posts posted right now…

umFlight is, I’m glad to say, still here and in its second year. I have had some record-breaking amounts of visitors and page views during December, and I hope that those people who visited in December enjoy umFlight.

1. Welcome to umFlight 2.0. umFlight, I have calculated, has been on the Internet for 137 days so far! I’m thinking about adding some things, which I go into detail about below.

2. Most of the near future (except the first “official” post next Sunday which will be about… well, wait and see!) will be product reviews. I was gifted several new planes on Christmas and I still have a few that I haven’t yet reviewed, so expect more reviews than usual mixed in with other posts in the coming months.

3. Reader’s Opinion is here to stay. Reader’s Opinion will continue this year, with RO4 being posted, of course, on the second week of January.

4. Multirotors. I WILL be posting about quadcopters. They will be mixed in with RC planes.

I’m also considering rolling out a huge update to umFlight soon, with a new theme, possibly a guest post form, a forum, and more things I haven’t thought about yet.

However, keep in mind that I’m only considering this at this point. If you have any questions, criticisms, ideas, compliments, or or comments in any way, about new things that may be added to umFlight, be sure to leave a comment below. Just remember that I’m still just considering this; even actually having an update is still undecided.

Thanks for reading the first umFlight post posted in 2015 (and for reading what may possibly be one of the only posts posted at the second that 2015 came into being)…

Quads Invade umFlight

I have a question for all of my readers:

Would you be okay if I started writing posts on UM multirotors and other UM aircraft?

Would you still come to umFlight if I added UM multirotors and other UM aircraft?

Would you still enjoy umFlight if I added UM multirotors and other UM aircraft

I also like flying UM multirotors, so that’s why I’m thinking about including them here on umFlight.


Edit (10-4-14) Thank you for everyone who has voted so far. I will decide if I’m going to include quads in umFlight once I get some more opinions.

Update (10-16-14) Thank you for voting. Another question: would you prefer quad copter posts to appear on the homepage or not?

New Edit: (11/10/2014) I’ve redone this post. I really need info on whether I should separate planes and quads or to keep them integrated with the planes. See the below poll…

1-7-2015: It’s been decided. Quad copters will be integrated into umFlight so I can keep posts coming. However, the below poll is still open if you want to leave your opinion on this change.

New Poll:


updated 2/27/15: unstickied

First Look at Upcoming Posts on umFlight

Today I thought that I could give readers a preview of posts that I am going to post on umFlight in the near future.

Firstly, the Quads Invade umFlight post is a sticky, meaning that it’s always on the top of the page. To find my most recent posts, look at the recent posts area of my sidebar, or scroll down past the Quads Invade umFlight post.

Secondly, tomorrow I have a short post about E-Flite’s new Spacewalker. I also have a review of a NEW plane which will be arriving at my house on Monday. I might also be starting a series of posts as soon as I get around to it…

I haven’t been posting outside of the regular Sunday posts due to a slight lack of things to post about. But, things should be speeding up in a week or two as I get new planes to review and my brain gets unclogged from my recent frequent posting.

Oh, and I will be posting more pictures, thanks to a suggestion/comment left on my Quads Invade umFlight post.

Thanks for reading, and look for a new post tomorrow at 5:00 AM! I want to hear what things YOU would like me to post about, so leave a comment!