Quads Invade umFlight

I have a question for all of my readers:

Would you be okay if I started writing posts on UM multirotors and other UM aircraft?

Would you still come to umFlight if I added UM multirotors and other UM aircraft?

Would you still enjoy umFlight if I added UM multirotors and other UM aircraft

I also like flying UM multirotors, so that’s why I’m thinking about including them here on umFlight.


Edit (10-4-14) Thank you for everyone who has voted so far. I will decide if I’m going to include quads in umFlight once I get some more opinions.

Update (10-16-14) Thank you for voting. Another question: would you prefer quad copter posts to appear on the homepage or not?

New Edit: (11/10/2014) I’ve redone this post. I really need info on whether I should separate planes and quads or to keep them integrated with the planes. See the below poll…

1-7-2015: It’s been decided. Quad copters will be integrated into umFlight so I can keep posts coming. However, the below poll is still open if you want to leave your opinion on this change.

New Poll:


updated 2/27/15: unstickied

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5 thoughts on “Quads Invade umFlight

    • I do need to get better at posting pictures. But, regarding the Radian review, the Radian got lost in a tree a week before I wrote the review. This is the push I need to force myself to post pics.

      I can’t thank you enough for commenting!


      One more thing: Do you have anything you want me to post about? I’m open to ideas and feedback.

  1. Hi John. Being an alien to this stuff, I can’t really give you an answer. But following suit, I gues a pic here and there would make this blog more user-friendly for non-umflighters. šŸ™‚ Cheers!

  2. I understand there is an interest in quads so I feel it’s fine to add them. If you are going to add quads, I would also like to see um helis added as there is a good bit of interest, myself included, in that type craft.

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