FPV Planes vs Quadcopters: Which is the Better First FPV Aircraft? (Part 2)

Warning: you should be VERY proficient at flying RC planes normally before attempting to fly an RC plane via FPV. If you are going to fly FPV quadcopters, you should be proficient at flying quads normally before attempting to fly a quad copter via FPV.


I’m going to go against what several others say and recommend that you start with a quadcopter. A quadcopter, in my opinion, is best for learning FPV because it can hover and fly slowly as you get used to the new perspective.

Hovering allows you to fly up to a area with no obstacles and just sit there and hover and look around, getting used to the new perspective. Also, you can stop and hover later in the learning curve if you start to lose control.

Flying slowly allows you to slowly start moving. Move forward a bit. Hover. Move forward a bit. This allows your brain (or at least mine!) to get used to the brand new perspective slowly. Then, when you’re ready, you can start moving the quadcopter faster and faster.

But Which Quadcopter?


Well, since this is a blog about UM aircraft, I’m going to recommend a UM quadcopter to start on. I started on the FPV Nano QX. Yes, flight times are short (I got up to three minutes), but it’s durable and small enough to find a large room, go up 7-ish feet, hover, and slowly start moving it.


Thanks for reading part 2, and I hope it helped you choose a first FPV aircraft. Reader’s Opinion will be out at 5 AM next Sunday, so stay tuned!

Quads Invade umFlight

I have a question for all of my readers:

Would you be okay if I started writing posts on UM multirotors and other UM aircraft?

Would you still come to umFlight if I added UM multirotors and other UM aircraft?

Would you still enjoy umFlight if I added UM multirotors and other UM aircraft

I also like flying UM multirotors, so that’s why I’m thinking about including them here on umFlight.


Edit (10-4-14) Thank you for everyone who has voted so far. I will decide if I’m going to include quads in umFlight once I get some more opinions.

Update (10-16-14) Thank you for voting. Another question: would you prefer quad copter posts to appear on the homepage or not?

New Edit: (11/10/2014) I’ve redone this post. I really need info on whether I should separate planes and quads or to keep them integrated with the planes. See the below poll…

1-7-2015: It’s been decided. Quad copters will be integrated into umFlight so I can keep posts coming. However, the below poll is still open if you want to leave your opinion on this change.

New Poll:


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