Today there are no planes or quadcopters or radios or FPV included in this post. Ominous. I know. Kind of like that FliteTest video where Josh and Chad said that a company was buying them. (If you don’t watch FT, do. The show and the forum are great,)

Now, getting down to business, I said that there would be some down time in a tweet last Tuesday (1/13/2015). However, the site now looks pretty much the same right now as it did, say, a week ago.

Well, what changed?

Short answer: Everything.

Long answer:

Ever since starting umFlight, I’ve always dreamed to have a forum included. But I started umFlight on, which doesn’t allow forums. I started umFlight on there because it was free, and I decided that I would eventually self-host umFlight and install WordPress ( is completely managed) myself.

Remember, at that time, I was thinking that he novelty of umFlight would wear off in October or November, and I would stop blogging.

That day came last Tuesday. I managed to keep my theme and migrate Email subscribers, but, sadly, comment subscribers weren’t able to be moved.

New Features!

As I said in my New Year’s post, I’ve been thinking about rolling out an update to umFlight called umFlight 2.0. I’ve decided to lay the groundwork for the second major version of umFlight.

umFlight looks the same right now, but the move has allowed me to add a shop (more details if I add one!), a forum, a guest post form, and many other features. I haven’t added anything yet, but I’m in the planning stages of implementing these new features.


Basically, moving umFlight laid the groundwork of many new features for umFlight.

This move wouldn’t have been possible without you, my readers and subscribers, so thank you very much for reading umFlight. As always, feedback is appreciated to make umFlight better.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next Sunday!

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