Getting Started Part 1- choosing your first plane

What is a good first RC plane? I will give my opinion on this and other things in this post.

Remember, I am not an expert (yet!) at UM RC planes. I only just started flying in February, and I mastered my second trainer plane in May or June.


The controls for RC planes are as follows:

1. Up/down elevator: makes plane go up and down
2. Right/left rudder: makes plane turn right and left
3.’Power up/ power down: motor power up and down

Each of these is called a channel. A channel is one function of an RC plane that is controlled by the transmitter. For example, motor power down and up make one channel, right and left rudder make on channel, and elevator up and down is one channel.

These are the most common controls of a 3 channel trainer. More advanced models can have more functions, like ailerons (banks plane left and right).

The best first plane in my opinion

If you know that you will like RC planes, I recommend that you get the Hobbyzone champ RTF ($89). It has everything you need to get flying.

If you don’t know if you will like RC planes, I recommend the Hobbyzone Duet RTF ($69). It also has everything you need to fly.

That’s all for now. I hope this blog post helped you! Look for another post next Sunday!

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